How To Handle Different Obstacles on The Bike

How To Handle Different Obstacles on The Bike

When you are going downhill and you are cycling you are prior to encounter so many obstacles. In this article I will highlight some of the obstacles and the way you can overcome them. The following are some of the possible articles and the ways you can overcome them.

Presence of Rocks.

Rocks are very frightening for they are very risky than potholes. To get through this challenge you need to stay at ease. Your elbows and knees should be in a position to absorb the shock while you continually apply powers to the bike pedals. Ensure that you are seated for this will make their rear wheel have some weight to stop it from slipping. Put your front light on to be able to respond to new obstacles ahead of you. Be slow in your riding in a situation like this.


Anytime you come across a stream or any water surface you are first of all required to measure the depth of the water area. Be careful for there might be presence of a hole which is not seen or may be there might be a rock which large inside the water that can cause be washed away. After you ensure of your safety now you are free to go through the water. Just make sure you engage your breaks squeeze them to get rid of the water in the rims.

Presence of Leaves.

While riding your bike, be careful when you notice presence of wet leaves on your way. Leaves are truly eye catching but at times they can cause your wheels to make you slide. Leaves are not that risky like ice but you should be careful mostly during the rainy days.

Muddy Terrain.

You are advised to keep pedaling and hit the mud ahead in a case where you come across it. If it is a must you ride through the muddy areas try to be extra careful for not to trail around the muddy areas. Make use of the front wheel in oozing to get across the mud before it disgraces you.


Most of the drivers really don’t expect to find cyclists on their way and some even wish you were not there. Be careful when dealing with these drivers because they are very dangerous like when you happen to meet with the don’t care kind of a driver. Just remain steadily alert and clearly indicate your directions always.

Presence of Potholes.

You should by all means avoid potholes for they will damage your rims completely, pop tires and some may lead the cyclist have summersalt which might cause injuries not only to the bike but also the you.

Curbside drains.

These drains can be at times very risky for they can lead your wheels be caught in grate. If you can avoid them then you will be safe.

To my conclusion, at all times be careful and try to know the tactics to overcome the obstacles in this field of recreation and sports. Enjoy your ride all the way by being extra careful.