Four Tips for Transitioning from Pavement to Dirt

Four Tips for Transitioning from Pavement to Dirt

Down hill mountain biking is one of the things you should not take lightly. Most of the mountain bike rider like to have the knowledge of going down the mountain quickly and also safely. You are supposed to do more exercises that will ensure that you are physically fit and also do a lot of bike riding practices in order to be one of the best bike rider.

To improve this you need to have the knowledge of how to do it and the following are the tips to take into your consideration;


The proper use of brakes or the right knowledge of how to use the brakes is of great importance in mountain biking and especially while going down the mountain , it is very obvious that you don’t break when you are stopping only but you should be able to apply the correct brakes in order to have you’re your balance and go down the mountain without having problems.

Your bikes brakes power is determined by the weight of your bikes tires. When descending the weight tends to be more on the front wheel brake that helps you to have a better control of your bike and avoid the risks of skidding. Nevertheless, serious braking is of help to avoid accidental handle bars tossing. You should not avoid the rear brakes because they give support to the front brakes. Tp have maximum control of your mountain biking you need to shift your weight on the rear wheels thus improving the power of the rear breaking. The riders who are skilled in this field have the knowledge of how to balance their weight and the correct application of breaking power.

Ride With the Experienced Riders.

Having your ride with experienced riders will help a great deal for they will encourage you as a beginner. You will be able to learn new riding skills and have the knowledge of riding skills and have the knowledge of riding soiled terrain. They will help you in giving you the support to stop you from discouragement. These experienced guys will give you the determination of riding in dirty terrains.

Look Ahead At least 15 Feet Along The Trail line.

Most of the new beginners in riding are at times have the temptations of fixing their sight on the obstacles ahead of them until they overcome it. Look ahead at least 15 feet ahead of the track line to avoid the risk of skidding.

Practice To Master Your Skills.

Having alloy of serious practices on the dirt terrain will make you stand well in the riding process. You need to continuously do your practices on the difficult terrain until your legs worn out.

It is my advise you follow the above named tips that you will emerge out victorious in the mountain bike riding. For recreation and sports mountain hill riding is one of the work out you should practice seriously for leave alone making you an expert it also ensures you are fit physically.