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5 Core Exercises for Mountain Bikers

Some of us are fitness freaks, some are party animals and some just like to have an adventure filled life. Mostly, people who have their interests inclined towards the sports and fitness industry follow varied choices in order to maintain their athleticism. Mountain biking is amongst the favorites of people who prefer outdoor activities. Going outdoors for your strength gain goals is indeed very amazing. But, at the same time it also requires a lot of effort to be put in. Without some basic robustness, outdoor activities like mountain biking or hiking shall be more tiring than enjoying.

As we all know there are numerous of home bodyweight exercises and gym workouts, but what should one primarily focus on. For intense mountain biking sessions, the most important thing is to have fine core strength.

Usually, some amateur bikers neglect their core and later complaint of lower back problems or injuries around hip region. When you are on a mountain bike, you need to maintain a tight pelvic position by keeping your core muscles intact, such that all of your energy is directly going towards the pedal. On the other hand, if you remain unstable from middle section, then you can have serious twisting stress.

Even as compared to road biker, a mountain biker has to pass through various terrains. This causes extra stress and tension both on the bike and the biker’s body. Our spine performs loads of task in the casual routine, so why put more strain on it with a wrong posture. So, let’s discuss beneath some of the exercises that are a must to keep a strong abdominal section for mountain bikers.

The Plank

When it comes to core exercises, plank is just like the boss of all. No other core workout is as simple and more effective than a bodyweight plank. You can start from as minimum as a 30 second plank and eventually keep increasing the timer. It will help you tone your body overall and strengthen middle section.

Skipping Rope

This workout in particular shall enhance energy in your calves, ankles, legs and core. While jumping try to keep your core muscles as pristine as possible. Once you are comfortable with normal skipping you can try adding rope variations to it.

Boat & Superman Combo

Both of these poses work on complete abdominal area, including upper and lower abs. They will enhance your transverse abdomen and lower back. You’ll start feeling more powerful at your spine and middle after mastering this combination exercise.

Hip Extension

It is also referred to as the Bridge pose sometimes. It fastens up a large muscle group starting right from the abdominal area and covering your hip muscle and glutes as well. Bridge is really a vital one for mountain bike.

Crunches (Rotational, Cycle, Ball)

The core workout can’t be completed without including crunches in the list. To cover the entire middle section you should start doing rotational and cycle crunches, they’ll get your obliques in place. Additionally elevating your next mountain bike ride.